Design Matters (DM Interiors) is a full service interior design center.

We have access to over 150 vendors offering everything from furniture, lighting, area rugs, accessories, fabric, shades and blinds and more! Our endless resources combined with our professional design skills makes us the perfect one-stop-shop for everything your home or business. We do both commercial and residential design.

Our mission is to help transform your space into one you can’t wait to get to. We provide services with integrity, responsibility and a commitment to fully meet your needs.

Space planning is the foundation of all projects. The function of a room needs to work before beautifying it. Principals of balance, scale, harmony, proportion, color, texture, rhythm, light and form are all considered in each of our projects.

We teach our clients design concepts as we work together, allowing them to make educated decisions for a better creation. We will always be upfront and honest by telling you want you need to hear not what your want to hear. The final decision is always up to the client, but we believe sharing our knowledge and expertise will help you make the right choice for you.

Whether you need help with a single element or a complete home, Design Matters will take on this challenge and help make the road less stressful and more enjoyable for you. We love what we do and are dedicated to serving you.

Furniture, Lighting, Area Rugs

Small finishing touches in a room are really what makes it come together and feel like yours. One way to personalize your space is with your area rugs. One of the first things you should do when starting from scratch is picking out the rug you want because it’s much easier to find a color scheme around that than vice versa. When choosing a rug, you must first think of the function it must perform. If it will be placed in a hallway where there is a lot of foot traffic, you shouldn’t have a white rug because it’ll show all the dirt. If you have pets, choose something other than loop construction because their nails may snag on the loops and ruin the rug. All of our rug companies have a variety of construction, such as polypropylene, hand-tufted, hand-knotted, braided, machine made and more. In addition to having a wide range of construction, there are also an immense selection of styles and colors. Surya, Jaipur, Kaleen and Company C are our favorites! Rug shopping is so much fun!

Lighting is like magic when it comes to interior spaces. It can really make or break the room because it has the opportunity to completely brighten up a dark room, but also the lack of lighting can darken up any space, making it feel cold and uninviting. Lighting has the power to change the mood of the room, so always plan out your lighting with the utmost care. A few lighting companies we carry and recommend include MinkaLavery, Uttermost, Currey and Company,Woodbridge, and Lite-Source.

Occasional furniture can also play a large role in your space. In a living room, you can accessorize with a few side tables or even a bookshelf to display all your treasures. We also carry living room and bedroom sets here at Design Matters so whether you’re looking for a small piece of furniture or a whole room, we’re your one stop shop.

Home Decor, Art & Accessories

What is the cherry on top of a perfectly furnished room? Accessories of course!! Now don’t go too overboard and think that art has to cover every inch of your walls, but a nice balance between things on the wall and things on the floor is a must. Décor can include decorative vases, statues, fun mirrors, candles, plants, even extra light fixtures can be an accessory. Paintings or photographs can really enhance a space and make it unique to your life. We carry hundreds of companies that specialize in home décor, art and accessories like Cyan, IMAX, Winn Devon, Currey& Co. and more.

When making accessory decisions, take into consideration the colors you’re using throughout the space and try to carry that along. The same goes for trying to harmonizing your accessories and style. You don’t want the styles in our space to clash (Unless that’s what you’re going for!!). Don’t be afraid of trying new things on the walls or on your coffee table. Let us help you make the right choices in decorating your home.

Color Consultation, Space Planning, & Layouts

Color, color and more color!! Color is what helps give your space personality. Every color gives a different feeling to any space and that is why color is such an important design element. Whether you notice it or not, color is everywhere and impossible to get away from. So instead of being afraid of it, embrace it!

Before you sign away on one specific color, you need to ask yourself what is the mood you’re trying to achieve in this space. Whether it’s warm or cool, calm or excited, bright or subdued, you need to make sure your lifestyle matches the attitude of the room. Also, you need to take into consideration the trim color, the ceiling color, the floor material, the color of the existing décor, what the lighting situation is like. Another factor that comes into play with wall paint is what direction the room is facing. North-facing rooms never see the sunshine and the light from that direction can take on a gray tone. South-facing rooms can wash out your color due to the sun’s intense rays. Think about what time of day this room will be in use and choose your color accordingly. Sheen also has a lot to do with your selection. A high gloss can give a glow to any space but can also show every imperfection on the walls. A flat sheen needs to be washable, otherwise fingerprints will stick around We will work with you and discuss all of these elements before helping you make a decision.

Here at Design Matters, we are educated on the psychological effects colors have on us and how they can negatively impact our spaces if they are used incorrectly. For example, red tends to make us feel hungry, blues can calm us down, yellow has an uplifting association with it, green represents nature, purple is the color of royalty and connotes luxury and wealth.

Undertone is another important element because without careful attention, colors may clash and create an uncomfortable environment. Don’t make a tragic mistake in choosing the wrong color for you. That’s why we’re here; we are by your side the whole way making this experience stress-free and making you one step closer to your perfect home. Color is the most inexpensive way to change up your look and can make all the difference.

Let us at Design Matters help you create a home that inspires you and your family.

The reason why we are designers and not just decorators, is because we take time to draw out plans for you according to your current space or your newly renovated space. Interior designers have the background education and experience to measure the room at hand and figure out what goes where and what is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We spend time trying different configurations, trying to get it perfect, and we are confident in our ability to always make the client happy.

Space planning is the foundation of all projects. The function of a room needs to work before beautifying it. Principals of balance, scale, harmony, proportion, color, texture, rhythm, light and form are all considered in each of our projects. We teach our clients design concepts as we work together, allowing them to make educated decisions for a better creation. We will always be upfront and honest by telling you want you need to hear not what you want to hear. The final decision is always up to the client, but we believe sharing our knowledge and expertise will help you make the right choice for you.

We schedule house calls with our clients where we visit their home, take pictures, measure and ask the client many questions regarding their style and what they want out of their updated space. Visiting the home is beneficial in a number of ways: first, we can see what the rest of the spaces look like so we can coordinate the new room with the old ones and make the house one cohesive space. Another reason is because we can take pictures so when we’re working on the project at our store, we can look back to what color the floor is, or double check where that window was in relation to the door. Finally, we really get to know the client which builds trust and a friendship that we wouldn’t gain if we didn’t go out of our way to get to know who the client truly is.

Window Treatments

Windows are our portal to the beautiful outdoors, but they can also be very destructive to our interiors if not treated properly. Windows can cause sun damage by fading, can let heat out in the freezing winters and let hot air in during the summer months. Window treatments are beneficial in a number of ways, such as providing privacy, adding warmth to the room, absorbing unwanted sound, or simply enhancing the look of the space.

Here at Design Matters, we work with you to select the perfect drapery/curtain, valance, or cornice for your lifestyle. We have over 500 fabric books to look through, including companies like Robert Allen, Kasmir, Duralee, Greenhouse and more. One of the most popular window treatments today are stationary draperies which means the drapes don’t open or close, they simply hang on either side of the window for ambience, not function. Many people use shades or blinds for their function. However, if you need more functional window treatments, we can certainly help you out. There are so many choices for dressing your window, and with our extensive selection of solids, prints, stripes, jacquards, and sheers, you as the customer will feel confident in choosing the right window treatment. Finally, we can even help you with drapery hardware as the final step in making your space complete.

We are a full service design firm so we will install all your window treatment needs.

We carry Hunter Douglas shades and blinds for many reasons, but the main reason is their quality. Hunter Douglas is the very best in shades and blinds. Their Architella Duette shades are the only shade that offers an energy benefit and we believe in a few years they will pay for themselves with the energy you will save. Besides the Architella Duette, more styles Hunter Douglas offers include honeycomb shades, roman shades, roller shades, Silhouettes, shutters, and vertical or horizontal blinds. Shades and blinds provide protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays, are energy efficiency, and have privacy as well as enhancing the look of the space all together.

Here at Design Matters, we want you to be proud of what you buy because we are proud of what we sell. We have compared many different shades and blinds brands but we have found that there is nothing better than the quality of Hunter Douglas. You will not be disappointed and your home will thank you for it!

Pillows and Bedding/Fabric Selection

We have so many fabrics to choose from for all your furnishing needs, including pillow fabrics and bedding. Bedding should be comfortable enough that at the end of a long day, all you want to do is lay down and submerge yourself under all the blankets. We have countless styles and color schemes to choose from when it comes to bedding and we love helping out with that process.

We try to mix and match solids, patterns, textures, and stripes to create an interest in your home. Sticking with the same old solid colors can get repetitive and boring. We are here to spice up your life with some other options. Let us give you some suggestions about how to decorate using fun fabrics to give your home new life. A few fabric companies that we love for accessorizing pillows are Romo, Stout, and United Fabrics. We also have plenty of pillow extras, like fringe, cording, tassels, beads, buttons, or trim. We can really make your pillows personalized to your liking.

We have a few bedding companies already designed by professional designers if you are interested.

Eastern Accents and Mystic Valley Trading are only a couple.

Sleep tight!!

We have an entire section of our store dedicated to fabrics. Upholstery, drapery, bedding, you name it, we’ve got it. We spend hours searching through hundreds of books to find the perfect fabric you’re looking for. Give us some inspiration you have: a rug, a wall color, even a specific style, and we can pin point exactly what you’re looking for and make it come together using our fabulous companies and services. It is helpful to have fabric samples in the store, because this way, clients can come in and feel the fabric and make sure it is what they had in mind. Seeing fabric online is very different than seeing it in person. We get new fabrics every month so there is always fresh looks to choose from. Also, we keep up to date on any dropped fabrics so we can keep our stock organized with only current selections.

We love having options for clients, so in addition to having 500 fabric books to look through, we also carry Crypton fabrics that ensure permanent protection against stains, moisture, and odors. Crypton is extremely durable and will most likely outlast any other upholstery you own. Another special fabric we have is Sunbrella which is perfect for outdoor furniture, but now being used inside, because it protects against harmful UV rays. The sun’s rays can cause fading to your upholstery, so using Sunbrella is insurance that you won’t experience any damage caused by the sun. We really put our clients as a priority here so you’ll get nothing but the best selections at Design Matters!

Slipcovers & Upholstery

Here at Design Matters, we believe you should purchase the highest quality upholstery you can afford. With Vermont being the front runner in the “going green” movement, we believe that our landfills are full enough and it’s about time we start giving back to the wonderful earth we live on. We don’t encourage purchasing low quality pieces and throwing them in our landfills every 2-3 years. We have dozens of companies that pride themselves on being long-lasting and once they’re in your home, you’ll realize the difference too. Another alternative to purchasing new furniture every couple years, we also accommodate any slipcover needs at a very competitive price.

So what exactly is quality furniture? Let us educate you so you can buy furniture that’ll be in your life for as long as you need it to be.

  • A quality piece is either 8-way or 10-way hand-tied. Sinuous springs are substandard to hand-tied.
    • Harden is 10-way hand-tied and many of their products are 40-45% off here
    • Wesley Hall is 8-way hand-tied and noted for their fabrics and style
    • Huntington House is 8-way hand-tied
    • Bradington Young is 8-way hand-tied and voted best leather company in the country
    • King Hickory is 8-way hand-tied and is our least expensive company
  • A quality piece has a 5/4 hardwood frame. Be careful because some companies call particle board or MDF solid wood and it most definitely is not.
  • High density foam should be at least 1.8”. 2.0” and up is even better. Harden uses 2.6” density which is the best out there and we are proud to carry it.
  • Fabrics need to have at least 15,000 double rub count for residential upholstery, but more is better. Minimum for commercial is 30,000, but again, strive for closer to 50,000 for the best quality.
  • Fabric content is also important. The cost of a piece is determined by the grade of fabric you choose.